Peter DelVecchio

"Jayne recently represented my partner and me in buying a home in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles. I have been involved in real estate transactions in the past and have dealt with several realtors, and Jayne is far and away the best.We met Jayne when I sent an email to the listing agent through regarding a property in the Hollywood Hills. That agent turned out to be Jayne, and that was an incredible stroke of luck. Jayne responded within hours, not only with some very objective comments about the particular property, but with some very helpful information regarding the importance of the buyer having his or her own representative. I'm a practicing attorney, and was very impressed with Jayne's knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the legal aspects of residential real estate.Within 24 or 48 hours of that first email, Jayne had already sent me listings for at least a dozen possibles. We were sold, and signed Jayne on as our agent soon after that.It took only about three weeks for Jayne to find us the perfect home, a lovingly-maintained, awesomely landscaped 2 bedroom mid-century perched on top of a hill in Mt. Washington with breathtaking panoramic views from Glendale to Pasadena, the San Gabriel Mountains rising up in the background. The only reason we found this home was because of Jayne's persistence in sending us every listing that might conceivably interest us. At the same time, however, she never had any sort of personal agenda, never tried to push us into a property we didn't like and never tried to bump us up to homes outside our desired price range. In fact, in connection with the house we ultimately bought, Jayne said, "I won't write the offer if you don't love the house."Jayne then guided us through a bidding war with several other eager buyers and, thanks to her savvy and spot-on instincts with respect to the timing and amount of our offer, and the moves we made after making it, we prevailed, even though our offer was not the strongest on paper.Once the offer was accepted, Jayne was with us every step of the way, responding almost instantly to the emails and phone calls I peppered her with, scheduling inspections and then attending them with us and interacting with the seller's agent as needed. As a result, the transaction came off without any glitches, and closed in 28 days.Bottom line, we wholeheartedly and without any reservation of any kind recommend that anyone looking for a home should work with Jayne. You won't be disappointed, and will probably find your dream house. We did!"

Tom and Sandy DeLuca

Jayne was a pleasure to work with. She was very professional, intuitive and a fun to work with. She always came up with solutions to our problems and offered us alternatives. We have recommended her to many of our friends and associates.